How to Use Recycling Decals Effectively

A powerful recycling decal encourages and reminds people to recycle. Properly designed recycling decals can help to run successful recycling programs and increase the utility of the recycling containers by promoting the message of recycling. To achieve the best results, the message imprinted on the recycle decal should be obviously visible and interesting.

These decals should help in differentiating trash-bins, recycling-bins, and specific-purpose recycling bins from one yet another. There are a large variety of recycling decals available in the market in different size and shapes. Some also come with customization option and allow you to incorporate your own message to them. You can also get your company name and logo imprinted on recycle decal for good corporate citizenship brand building. Here are a few pointers that will help you use recycling decals effectively.

o Application of the Recycling Decals: The recycling decals must certanly be applied on both sides of recycle bins. Something that you should take care while pasting the recycle decals is that the surface of the recycle bin should be dry, clean, and free of dirt. The surface of the container should be smooth and adhesive should be of high quality so that decal in place for a longer time.

o Size of the Recycling Decals: It is very important to choose the right sized recycling decal so your message on the recycling bin is clearly visible. The design and size of the recycle decal should be prior to the size of recycle bin. The printing on decals ought to be high quality so that they don’t disappear quickly. Waterproof and weather resistant decals are excellent for outdoor recycling bins.

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o Message on the Recycling Decal: Choose a decal with motivating and interesting words like “Let’s Recycle”, “Put glass in me”, or “Make my day, put paper in me” to produce recycling programs a success. For a successful recycling program in schools, go for recycle decals with pictures to guide students to dispose waste precisely in recycling bins. To differentiate recycling bins from trash bins, decals with texts “Recyclables Only” and “Trash Only” are excellent.